1. Spring Newsletter- FCS Southeast Region

    May. 23, 2024

    Southeast Family and Consumer Sciences
  2. Morgan County Agricultural & Natural Resources Program Needs Assessment

    May. 17, 2024

    We are conducting a Morgan County Agricultural & Natural Resources Program Needs Assessment. The purpose of this survey is to gain insight into how our office can better serve the needs of the agriculture and natural resources industries in Morgan County. Completion of the survey is voluntary. To fill out this survey you can scan the QR code on the left, or go to, or stop by the office to pick up a paper copy.

  3. Morgan County Agriculture & Natural Resources Blog

    May. 17, 2024

    Please visit the new Agriculture & Natural Resources Extension blog for Morgan County. We are starting this blog as a way to keep you more up-to-date with the latest events, news, and information related to ag and natural resources. If you would like to receive an email every time there is a post for an article, flyer, event, and more you can subscribe. To subscribe click on the subscribe tab on the bottom right side of your screen.

  4. Active Parenting classes

    Dec. 12, 2023

    Active Parenting ages 5-12 is a comprehensive parenting program helping parents of kids ages 5 to 12 raise responsible, cooperative children who are able to resist negative peer pressure and thrive. We also offer Active Parenting of Teens which is a comprehensive program to help parents through the often tumultuous years of 11-16. Each session also shows parents how to handle sensitive issues such as drugs, sexuality, and violence.

  5. Winning 4-H Plan

    Apr. 26, 2023

    Does a 4-H member with a disability in your 4-H Club or family need an accommodation?

    Here is a link to learn more about the Winning 4-H Plan and download the form. You can also contact our office at 740-962-4854 to a get a form mailed or stop by the Extension office Monday-Friday 8 AM-4:30 PM to pick up a form.

  6. How Do I Become a 4-H Volunteer?

    Oct. 15, 2019

    All individuals interested in volunteering with Ohio State University Extension and working with youth in the 4-H program must go through a selection process. The process includes:

    1) an interview with the 4-H Extension Educator;

    2) completion of an application form;

    3) reference checks;

    4) submission to a criminal history fingerprint record check;

    5) agreement and signature on the volunteer standards of behavior form;

    6) position description; and

    7) participation in an orientation/training program.