Do you own a pressure canner and are you uncertain whether it is working properly? Did you know that your pressure canner dial gauge needs to be checked for accuracy every year? To make sure that your canned foods are safe to eat, your gauge must be accurate. Like other mechanical devices these gauges can malfunction. They can also become inaccurate from the hazards of use, from being accidentally banged against something, or from storage where there has been exposure to extreme heat or cold during the off season. 

The Morgan County OSU Extension Office will test dial gauges for Morgan County residents free of charge. If a qualified staff member is available, the testing can be done while you wait. Otherwise, you can make an appointment, or you can leave the gauge to be tested and we'll call you when testing is complete.During each appointment, the dial-gauge will be tested against a calibrated Master gauge for accuracy. We will also do a safety check on the canner. Bring your canner lid with gauge and gasket with you for the most thorough assessment.Educational materials may be available. The Educator will be happy to answer your food preservation questions.  Please call the Extension Office at 740-962-4854 to schedule an appointment to get your dial gauge tested.